Dance Improvisation via Internet2
April 10, 2006

This telematic collaboration provided an outlet for real-time interactivity across time zones and involved collaboration between dance faculty and students at Florida State University and University of Utah, including Guggenheim Fellow Ellen Bromberg and FSU’s Dance Repertory Theatre directed by Professor Lynda Davis. The Florida State University School of Dance partnered with the University of Utah Department of Modern Dance to explore the interactive performance potential of Internet2 technologies. Both institutions are members of the Association for Dance and Performance Telematics (ADaPT), an interdisciplinary association of artists, technologists, and scholars dedicated to research and critical dialogue on performance and media in telematic space. FSU Associate Professor of Dance Tim Glenn, Primary Investigator for FSU’s membership in ADaPT and FSU Arts and Humanities Representative to Internet2, collaborated with FSU colleague, Professor Lynda Davis, and the Dance Repertory Theatre. FSU Senior Computer Support Specialist Marc Ray assisted with networking and other technical components of the event.

Long-distance collaborators at the University of Utah included Guggenheim Fellow and Associate Professor of Dance Ellen Bromberg, Associate Professor Brent Schneider, Chris Roberts, Wayne Coons, and the University of Utah Department of Modern Dance 2006 Senior Class. Dancers in both locations improvised to live music from Salt Lake City by composer and Associate Professor Jon Scoville. Participating dancers interacted with life-size, real-time video images transmitted via Internet2. Digital Video Transport System (DVTS), a digital video stream on IEEE1394 encapsulated into IP, was used broadcast and receive high-quality, full-frame video from both locations.


FSUProject Director: Tim Glenn
Senior Computer Support Specialist: Marc Ray
Artistic Director of Repertory Dance Theatre: Lynda Davis
UU Project Faculty: Ellen Bromberg, Brent Schneider
Musicians: Wayne Coons, Jon Scoville


photos courtesy of FSU School of Dance