zErO, oNe,… is an abstract, futuristic, multimedia work inspired by binary data. All movements in the dance describe lines and circles and all projections are generated using only "1" and "0" text characters in Final Cut Pro video editing software. Some sections of the piece include a live-feed video component with choreographed camera movements performed by Glenn during performance. zErO, oNe,… began as a movement exploration at Harrison School for the Arts in Lakeland, FL, where Glenn created lInEs, cIrClEs,…

photo by Jon Nalon

Days of Dance Concert
FSU School of Dance
Nancy Smith Fichter Dance Theatre, FSU Campus
Tallahassee, FL
April 10–11, & 17–18, 2015 (premiere)

photo by Jon Nalon

Choreography and Projection Design: Tim Glenn
Music: Basscadet and Bronchus 2 by Autechre, Part Four by Michael Whalen, Quiet Sky by Demdike Stare
Costume Design and Construction: Tim Glenn
Cast: Original Cast: Adrianne Ansley, Heather Boni, Megan Carvajal, Kentoria Earle, Taylor Ennen, Zachary Flores, Forrest Hershey, Caroline Labreche, Emma Lalor, SarahGrace Mariani, Herman Ramos, Sabina Valery, Colton Wall, Shamar Watt
Understudy: Barny A. Espinal

Also, see zErO, oNe,… on Vimeo!

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