Dance [pure movement choreographies]

All of Glenn's creative work stems from a background in dance performance and choreography. He sees the world through the dancer's perspective and bases his artistry on the selective combination of the major principles of dance—time, space, shape, motion/energy. He composes movement components of his work through a choice-making process and works to generate an inventive vocabulary for every new work. Choreographing since 1987, Glenn’s repertoire has been performed internationally in The Netherlands, Japan, and Spain, as well as in numerous national venues. He is the recipient of the Gene Kelly Award for the Performing Arts presented by the National Alliance for Excellence and the Leo Award for Choreography from the Jazz Dance World Congress.

The Chronology of Choreographic Works includes a full list of dances by Tim Glenn, including premiere dates and subsequent performances.

"In Glenn's choreography, disguises fray, poses drop; only art remains."
— Isthmus

Dance Works: