S.O.L.O. Movement was not Glenn's first movement solo, but it was his first movement solo to actually be seen on stage! All dance majors at the University of Wisconsin–Madison were required to produce a group work, an improvisation, and a solo. Glenn satisfied the solo requirement previously with a work entitled About the Attic, a dance that involved a 14-foot, full-body mask disguise. He just wasn't ready to be seen on stage! The choreographic structure and disguise from About the Attic was revived in 1996 and included as a section of Glenn's Embodiments of Silence. By the premiere of S.O.L.O. Movement, Glenn felt he had acquired enough technique to venture into the light. He had discovered Some Other Language Of Movement.


Lathrop Performance Space
UW–Madison Dance Program Concert
Madison, WI
1989 (premiere)

Choreography: Tim Glenn
Music: Makrokosmos by George Crumb
Lighting Design: Unknown
Costume Design and Construction: Tim Glenn

"Glenn has found his voice, and he has a lot of beautiful and moving things to say."
— Isthmus

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