Intermedia Festival of Telematic Arts
Live Internet broadcast from FSU Campus to Clowes Auditorium in the Indianapolis/Marion County Public Library, Indianapolis, IN
April 23, 2010

FSU Dance stretches the boundaries of performance research with an Internet collaboration involving Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), Butler University Dance, and Dance Kaleidoscope. Associate Professor and dance technologist Tim Glenn will direct FSU’s involvement in the Intermedia Festival of Telematic Arts on April 23, 2010. A live audience at the Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library’s Clowes Auditorium will experience real-time dance performances from FSU’s Nancy Smith Fichter Dance Theatre. Technology Specialist Chris Cameron and a team of FSU graduate students trained in dance technology will produce a multi-camera broadcast that will be projected on large video screens in Indianapolis. Dancers there from Butler University will interact with dancers at FSU throughout the program. This project is a continuation of Glenn’s research in Dance Telematics, an area of dance technology he has been involved in since being a charter member of the Association for Dance and Performance Telematics (ADaPT) in 2001. Glenn is the FSU Arts and Humanities Representative to Internet2.

FSU Project Director: Tim Glenn
Technology Specialist: Chris Cameron
Assistant Director: Shelley Bourgeois
Videographers: Diane Cahill Bedford, Kathryn Noletto, Stefan Zubal
Technology Assistants: Gwendolyn Petry, Joshua Reaver, Mary Love Ward
Rehearsal Assistants: Amy Mutarelli-Taylor, Joshua Reaver
FSU Dancers: Philip Ancheta, Hannah Barnard, Shelley Bourgeois, Kanisha Brown, Nate Buchsbaum, Scott Curley, Hope Gaines, Denae Hannah, Sarah Harkness-Sebastian, Devon Kelly, Katharine Kolp, Rebecca Lee, Jamie Melaragno, Jackie O’Toole, Emily Petry, Ella Rosewood, Elizabeth Ross, Megan Thornburg, Erin Willingham