In 2002, Portals represented what Glenn considered to be his best example of integrated dance and technology. This project also explored another common theme his repertory, aerial work. Much time was spent in the assimilation phase of this work to generate the partnership between kinetic projections and the choreographed soloist. Live-feed videographers were included in choreography rehearsals from the start, and in the end the camera operator’s framing and camera movement was as intricately choreographed as the solo dancer. The nature of this work required access to cameras, tripods, and projectors, in addition to the performance space, during rehearsals geared toward synchronizing live-feed elements with performance.

The Red Tent - Bolaños/Inman MFA Thesis Concert
FSU School of Dance
Nancy Smith Fichter Dance Theatre, FSU Campus
Tallahassee, FL
November 21–23, 2002 (premiere)

Choreography and Projection Design: Tim Glenn
Musical Collage: Tim Glenn, with source material from David Darling, Dark Wood [courtesy of ECM Records]
Lighting: J. Russell Sandifer
Costume and Set Design: Tim Glenn
Performer: Rachael Inman
Live-feed Videographers: Cate Mease, Elizabeth Higgins
Multimedia Works: