The dance, Chaconne, is a pure movement work based on the musical structure of Symphony for Eight by Philip Glass. The choreography is inspired by the chaconne musical form, which includes variations on a repeated harmonic progression. The formal structure of the dance is a visual representation of the musical score, of sorts, that is meant to be experienced through the kinetic counterpoint of movement phrases.

Chaconne was commissioned by the Fine Arts Center, Greenville, SC, through an Innovative Art Special Project Grant funded by the South Carolina Department of Education.

Fine Arts Center
Greenville, SC
April 26, 2013

Days of Dance Concert
FSU School of Dance
Nancy Smith Fichter Dance Theatre, FSU Campus
Tallahassee, FL
April 20, 26, 27 (premiere)


Choreography: Tim Glenn
Music: Symphony for Eight by Philip Glass
Lighting: Tim Glenn
Costume Design and Construction: Tim Glenn
Performers: Kristen Bernier, JoAnna Blake, Danielle Fernandez, Annie Fox, Kelsey Grills, Veronica Jiao, Emma Lalor, Mariah Morris, Amanda Porter, Sharyn Richards,
Cassidy Samelian, Alexa Sanabria, Kimberly Savarino, Emily Wolfe Rehearsal Assistant: Mary Schindler
Understudy: Emma Alley

Also, see Chaconne on Vimeo!


photos by Jon Nalon

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