This solo was commissioned by Ella Rosewood, a dual degree student (Dance and Elementary Education) at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. The dance was part of her Senior Honors Project, examining solo dance choreography and performance. The work was created during a 1-week intensive residency at FSU in August 2009. A rear-projected video was used to create an environment for the solo. The originally recorded projection source was replaced with an environmental, key-framed animation during the 2014 restaging for the Days of Dance concert.

Mariah Morris in Silk by Night, photo by Jon Nalon

Informal Screening
FSU School of Dance
Nancy Smith Fichter Dance Theatre, FSU Campus
Tallahassee, FL
August 6, 2009 (preview)
Dancer: Ella Rosewood

Intermedia Festival of Telematic Arts
Live Internet broadcast from FSU Campus to
Clowes Auditorium in the Indianapolis/Marion County Public Library
Indianapolis, IN
April 23, 2010 (premiere)
Dancer: Ella Rosewood

Second Skin: A One Woman Show Danced by Ella Rosewood
Music Hall, UW-Madison Campus
Madison, WI
December 10–12, 2010
Dancer: Ella Rosewood

STEPS Performance Lab, at Steps on Broadway
New York, NY
April 15, 2011
Dancer: Ella Rosewood

Second Skin Concert by Ella Rosewood
An evening of works by Tim Glenn, Heidi Latsky, Janet Lilly, Li Chiao-Ping, Beth Soll, Luc Vanier, Ella Rosewood
Merce Cunningham Studio
New York, NY
October 14–16, 2011
Dancer: Ella Rosewood

Days of Dance concert
Nancy Smith Fichter Dance Theatre, FSU Campus
Tallahassee, FL
February 7, 8, & 15, 2014
Dancer: Mariah Morris

Ella Rosewood in Silk by Night, photo by Beau Meyer

Choreography & Projection Design: Tim Glenn
Music: Celestial Musician by Eugene Friesen and Prelude in D Minor for Unaccompanied Cello by J.S. Bach, performed by Eugene Friesen
Costume Design & Construction: Tim Glenn

See Silk by Night on Vimeo!

Multimedia Works: